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WINDEV- SQL query timeout

Startbeitrag von Vinit Sawant am 29.11.2017 13:26

We have application developed in WINDEV. We have used SQL server. For one procedure we are getting following error:
Adage - VTest - mode DEBUG - base ADAGE_PROD
StatElt - Echec requête Req_Stat_CompDsDossier
OLE DB access error.
Error Number = 170129

Failure opening file.
System Error Details: Description = Query timeout expired
Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
SQL State = HYT00
Error Number = -2147217871

Does anyone know why it's happening? How to resolve this?



Give it a shout by running SSMS with followings

sp_configure 'remote login timeout', 600
reconfigure with override

// 600 secs and 0 means unlimited



von kingdr - am 29.11.2017 16:32
You might also need to run "c:\windows\system32\odbcad32.exe" and
click "Connection Pooling" Tab, highlight/click right drivers eg
"Sql Server Native Client 11.0" then change Pool Connetctions to this driver
to 600 secs.

Pls let us know if it works



von kingdr - am 29.11.2017 16:41
You can add WD Command Timeout=0 to the extended properties of your connection.

Check this help page: https://doc.windev.com/en-US/?9000124

von Paulo Oliveira - am 29.11.2017 16:55
It means the query take quite some time to finish, so I would first take the sql-text of your query from within the Windev query editor and paste in the microsoft sql manager to analyze it. See if you need 1 or more extra indexes to speed things up.

If your query is used in a user window (not in some background proces) and runs more than 30 or 60 seconds the user might find this anyoing. Maybe you can break it up in smaller steps and then show some progres between each step.

von Arie - am 29.11.2017 19:20
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