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[WD19] Record not save in some computer

Startbeitrag von Mujahid am 30.11.2017 00:38

Hi All,

Some of my customer have a problem to creating a record. The problem found some on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

All transaction such as Sales Invoice, Customer Payment, Inventory and else run in the same time in single coding. Why all this record not save?

The coding handle like this :

// Printer Setting
// Kick Cash Drawer (Option)
// Print Receipt



// Save Invoice
// Save Payment
// Save Inventory


// Delete the order lines

The coding is use from 2012 without any problem.
All antivirus was setting properly.

Is this because of Windows OS problem or bugs on WD19?
Any tips to solved?

Thanks a lot




Is your actual code top secret? If not, please could we see it?

Sounds to me like some kind of contention with other terminals on your lan? Think, has anything changed to your h/w setup or elsewhere in your code that might impact the area you are asking about?

von DarrenF - am 30.11.2017 03:50
Hi Darren,

Sorry because the coding is too long and have many local procedure.
All record basically use Hadd and HModify.
For the inventory, handle by Thread.

This problem is on local single computer using HFSQL classic.

The issue on some of our client that using Windows 8 and Windows 10.
The rest that use Win 8 and 10 have no problem.

Maybe the problem is on HTransactionStart()???

In a year, the HFSQL also will be crash at least twice in a year without know the cause.
When its happen, we need to cancel the Transaction using WDTrans manually. Every year always same problem.

Thanks a lot.


von Mujahid - am 30.11.2017 06:54

It's only that I thought you might be reading a record from a table in a session then possibly reading from the same file in a different session causing a locking issue

von DarrenF - am 30.11.2017 07:55
Hi Mujahid,

This might be UAC related.
You should use a directory for the transaction and the data that a normal Windows user has rights write to, e.g. SysDir(srAppData).

Kind regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 30.11.2017 09:36
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