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Startbeitrag von André Labuschagné am 30.11.2017 07:10

Hi All

First question - has anyone used a PCSoft generated REST server? If so, any gotchas or dos or don'ts? Does it just work like the SOAP ones just work?

Second question - is there a performance difference or a reliability difference? The SOAP stuff I am using works exceptionally well right now. Is the experience with the REST stuff the same, that is, it just works.



Hi Andre,

I did some small things in REST en a lot of things in SOAP, first of all note that SOAP is a protocol and REST is an architecture. Comparing them is a bit weird because of that.

But if you would compare them you could say both have advantages and disadvantages.
For example: REST does not define the datatype used for communicating resources, so you are allowed to use more efficient datatypes instead of XML, for example JSON format, but also plain text. ( it should even allow different datatypes based on what the client requests, but I did not look into that).
SOAP has a Description Language, so you can automate the messages (You can consume the webservice automatically and don't have to program the communication).

One advantage of the way PCSoft made the REST service possible is that you can reuse the Procedures made for the SOAP services to create a REST service. So you can easily switch between the two ( you will have to do quite a bit of config work depending on the number of procedures) . As for reliability. It should be ok, but experience tells me that new stuff tends to be less reliable ( and REST is a new feature of 22).

If you want to use REST, familiarize yourself with the architecture and get a feeling for the principle.

von M-K - am 30.11.2017 12:46
Hi M-K

Thanks a ton. That is exactly what I was looking for. I am completely new to REST. WX SOAP is working incredibly well. I just have a few small issues that could be show stoppers so my hand may be forced into the REST arena. I do worry though about losing the reliability and great way the SOAP stuff works - maybe just need to deal with the small issues.


von André Labuschagné - am 01.12.2017 08:09
Hi André,

I've never used the new REST type webservice provided in 22 so I cannot tell you anything about their reliability.

However, my whole WXreplication system is based on a REST type webservice made in webdev with one awp page, and I can tell you that this is working without ANY problem. So if PCSoft fancy layer is buggy, you can simply use that system and it will work.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.12.2017 10:00
Hi Andre,

yes I can confirm that :xcool:.
I use Fabrice "rest service method" for a while in a complex windev application.
I replaced all native hfsql request with http. Is a lot of work but at the end your application would run through every firewall :-)

von Michael Drechsel - am 01.12.2017 10:59
I tried create windows application connect using webservice that come with windev . the speed is extreme slow.

On my first android project , I decide to create my own REST webservice using nodejs . the speed way way faster .

over the time I slowly improve the webservice, adding more functions. now the webservice is use in many of my project (windows, linux, android, web) .

my webservice function:
1. ssl capability
2. data send encrypted in AES128
3. compress capability,
4. cluster capability
5. retrieve data from database server (sql server , mysql, postgresql)
6. retrieve report from report server (ssrs, birt)
7. retrieve file.

I recommend you use nodejs to write rest webservice. it's fast, non-blocking , clustering.

von ccc2 - am 02.12.2017 12:41
ccc2 interesting,

I also noticed the HTTP functions/layer in WM (Android) is slow. I do for instance a download of an APK file (to update my app) and it's definitely much slower dan doing a download from the browser.

Any chance you share some code snippets on which nodejs library you are using and how to integrate that in an Android app?

von Arie - am 02.12.2017 19:46
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