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Cannot run project test mode ver 22

Startbeitrag von joe crevino am 01.12.2017 12:40

When I try to debug a project in the test mode .... nothing happens.

Tried repairing project... did not help.

Need help.


I cannot create *.exe . Run in test mode in windev 22.

von joe crevino - am 01.12.2017 17:28
Hi Joe,

check that both the windev directory and the project directory are excluded from the surveillance of your anti-virus...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.12.2017 21:07

Yesterday I experience the same issue for the first time ever - also WD22.

A click on the 'green' button, hour glass appeared, debugger tab was active but that was it - no window appeared.
Closed the app and reopened it - no change.
Closed the app, exited WD, restarted and opened the project - no change.
As above with a computer restart - all working as expected.

No changes to my laptop or software installed.
Curious coincidence.

Not used it today so I am hoping it was just one of those thing.

von DerekT - am 02.12.2017 09:30
Tried Fabrice suggestion. Did not work. Tried restart. Did not work. I can access all of the example projects and they work. Only my written projects on 2 different drives are having this problem.

If I create a new project in these drives...different folders they work.

If I access earlier than windev 22 they work.

Any ideas ????

Thank you,


von joe crevino - am 02.12.2017 10:58
Fixed ....appears to be a problem in registry. Clean out registry. Reinstalled software (windev 22) All is working fine. A BIG THANK YOU to Andy Stapleton for all the help.

von joe crevino - am 04.12.2017 18:47
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