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Menu option at MDI Window cant be clicked

Startbeitrag von AdrianW am 02.12.2017 12:02

Hi All,
I have problem with menu bar at the top of MDI child window which is not clickable. However, it will run if the shortcut key is pressed. So, problem only when it's clicked and will not respond.
When I try changing it to Open instead of MDIOpen everything is fine.

Is the menu bar not allowed in MDI child window? If yes, is there a work around to still have menu bar in MDI window?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Adrian,

true, since version 22 standard "menues" (even that of the MDI parent window!) behave in a funny way. And yes, the menues on MDI child windows don't work at all. Best workaround is to use button controls popping up a popup-menue. Btw, you can copy / paste standard menue options into a popup menue. If you make the button's background color the same color as the window background you can "fake" a full blown menue with the added benefit of being able to move the menue's main options at will.
[attachment 2518 Ashampoo_Snap_2017.12.03_09h37m57s_001_.png]

The contours of the buttons are shown with F7 otherwise you couldn't see them.
The code behind each button shows a popup menu:
OpenPopupMenu(PopupMenu_3_Kunden, MySelf..X, MySelf..Y + MySelf..Height)

The behaviour of the these menues is slightly different to a "standard" menue, because each popup menue doesn't know about the neighboring menues. Users in general don't recognize those small differences.

von GuenterP - am 03.12.2017 08:47
Many thanks Guenter.

I will give it a try :)

von AdrianW - am 03.12.2017 11:01
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