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WebDev 22 - Time to come back?

Startbeitrag von Chris du Toit am 04.12.2017 12:36

Hello all -

Previous user of WB16. I ended up hating it. Nothing quite worked as claimed. I abandoned it.

I still have a soft spot for the Wx family. I love WinDev but the reality is that Windows is rapidly becoming a legacy platform. I still appreciate the simplicity offered by WX however and am wondering if WB is now ready for prime time.

Question 1:

Specifically, if I look at a typically web development workflow, I have a UI/UX designer creating nice HTML with JS. Then, the developers add the actual code and backend logic.

Or, I can buy a commercial theme (for example http://keenthemes.com/preview/metronic/)

So my question. Can WB22 properly use an existing html theme/template/code, respecting the CSS and JS in the theme, so that I can go in and work on the code? Or am I going to be stuck dealing with PCSoft's proprietary stuff?

Question 2:

I see they're still using the proprietary app server :( Anyone deploying production apps using PHP generation?

Would love to get your input before I spend the $ on this again. Also, if anybody has successfully used a commercial theme let me know.


Hello Chris,

Q1 : no, you cannot use easily existing html/templates... And yes, you will have to use webdev if you want to use webdev.

Q2. some people are using the php generation modus, but I strongly advise against it :
- less functions available
- more susceptible to hacking
- no advantage whatsoever (as you cannot go into the generated php and modify it by hand, and as it's extremely hard top link it to any existing php modules).

So considering what I understand behind your questions, no, you shouldn't come back.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 04.12.2017 13:05
Hey Fabrice - thanks for the info.

Disappointed re Q1 but good to know now before buying it :) Maybe by WB45 they'll comply with modern web dev practices :)

Thanks again


von Chris du Toit - am 04.12.2017 17:28
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