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Should I Learn TypeScript

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 09.12.2017 14:57


when TypeScript release by Microsoft 5 years ago , I though it's just a joke that there's no way to beat angularJS . but now, Angular 4 is written in TypeScript . I start wonder, is it time to learn this new language ?

what do yo think ?



Type script is just a way to produce big javascript scripts in a way that they are controleble.
Typescript gives you the ability to create strings , int and classes etc. In Javascript this isnot the case and thus it is more difficult to read someone elses code etc.

You can use java script in type script.

Do you need to lunrn an other language not really. if you use WX ( in my opinion ). It is nice to know javascript so you can work with syncfusion etc . But angular and wx. ?? Is kind of the worst of both worlds in my opinion.

I think angular is cool . But not as productive as webdev. In My opion it is a complete different way of webdevelopment ( More like the rest of the workld , ha ha ) If you want to use angular use it with a code editor and the shell. In webdev all the Shell benefits are gone.


von Allard - am 11.12.2017 08:59
Hi Allard,

Thanks for the info. having know another language may benefit in future.
for example ,
1. because I know java, this enable me to write function which not support by windev mobile in android. how do you think I manage get compress/decompress work for httprequest when it's not supported

2. I know C#, this help me alot writing function which not support by windev

von ccc2 - am 11.12.2017 15:38
Hi cc2
You are absolutely right. java c# are languages ( low level in comparison to wx ) Good to know .

Javascript and typerscipt for use in Wx are scripting languages .

But with node and for instance wakanda javascript vcan be used for client and server scripting . And with phonegab you can programm for mobile as well

So All is relative ;) depending on you situation. In general it is good to know more then one language I guess. ( But I need to be productive and be able to estimate , reson why I use WX + javascript control like syncfusion )


von Allard - am 14.12.2017 23:42
Hey Allard

I would be really interested to see how easy you can implement any of the Syncfusion controls in WebDev with the same breeze, ease and design options (MVC, web API, Angular 2, ...) as in other dev environments like VS. Specially, the glue between the server side parts of Syncfusion (C#/php/...) and the client side parts of Syncfusion (JS/Angular/Angular 2(=TypeScript)/React/...).

Looked at it a couple of years ago to get easily third party stuff like Syncfusion or Telerik in WebDev and to be honest, I didn't see it... I must have missed something very obvious since you state that you can do your WB frontend easily with it (which would also mean having acces to all the nitty-gritty front end code: html+css+js) !


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 15.12.2017 10:01
Hi Peter

I got their gant chart partially working. Lets say I get data in it form my db. Problem is getting it out. It seems that can only be per "Line " I wanted the whole chart as a json object. well have to look further into this but getting it running showing my figures works great.

the controls takes json So you have to profide that with webdev .



von Allard - am 15.12.2017 19:35
Thanks guys for great recommendation.

I downloaded syncfusion and run the samples ==> I want to learn and write a program using it

von ccc2 - am 16.12.2017 16:17
Hi CCC2,

Then use it with any of the supported server side platforms . You'll be stuck with WB in no time (data binding etc...). The only way that I would see an option for it with WB is using REST web API's on the WB side where the http message/method determines the action. But... Always keep in mind that you're on your own since it is an unsupported combination as well from the Syncfusion point of view as from the PCSoft point of view. Anyway, you'll definitely loose a lot of the automatic stuff that Syncfusion does for you server side from within any other supported IDE (Scaffolded code).



von pehobe@somehwere - am 17.12.2017 13:30
Hi P,

Sorry I have to disagree with you.

Syncfusion knows webdev!! I have talked to them on the phone and they know it . They can even profide help ; even if you use the free version. ( you have to pay them but you can receive a discount for the first two years , when using the free version ).

No webservices, No Rest . No API needed!!.

Serialize and Deserialize are your friend . ( varianttojson() and jsontovariant() have a nasty bug. But I could get it to work with that as well. Not recommended since it is a work arround on a "BUG". )

Syncfusion javascript is what you need to choose. You donnot need any scaffolding code at all.
You just need to optimize your webdev code to export and import json that is it.

Syncfusion lets you parameterize the functionality of their controls using json as well . Very cool.



von Allard - am 26.12.2017 19:05
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