[WD22] SMTP Email puzzle on Amazon EC2 instances -SOLVED

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Hello All

I have a strange problem with SMTP emailing from Amazon EC2 servers.
The first time I login to the server and run the application the emailing works. If I try again a minute or so later it fails with an error message:
SMTP session: Connection failed. No server response.

If I wait about 5-7 minutes and try again it works.
Clearly a timing issue but where ?

Emailing on Amazon servers is interesting.
They provide smtp services but I have not been able to get them to work. Instead I am using my company office 365 account as the smtp server.
The smtp server is therefore
The username is noreply@mycompanyname.com and the session is unauthenticated.

I then add the IPv4 address of the Amazon server into the connectors on my Office 365 exchange server

All ideas gratefully accepted



Hello All

The solution was very simple. Drop all the complications and use a third party smtp service.
In my case this was www.sendinblue.com
Their main purpose is for email campaign marketing but they have an smtp service and it works very well for me on the Amazon servers. They have a free option but as I am using it for business I took up one of their business plans.
They also have an SMS service but I haven't looked into that yet.


von Al - am 22.12.2017 06:16
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