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[WD20] How to avoid "Unable to save modified code" bug

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 15.12.2017 17:49

When using SCM, I often get this bug after making changes to checked out files. I'll make some code changes, try to run the project, and then the error "unable to save modified code" will display. My entire code view is then displayed with a gray background. I am unable to save the file or check it in. I have to undo the checkout and start over.

Sometimes it happens immediately after I check out a file, which is actually preferable since I don't lose any new code. It seems fairly random. I haven't been able to reproduce it by doing similar actions. Sometimes it won't happen for a week or two. Sometimes it happens every day for a week. Sometimes it happens multiple times a day.

It's a pretty infuriating bug. Any way to avoid it?


I'd also like to know how to solve this, is very annoying.

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 21.12.2017 15:35

did you check to make sure that ALL directories (ie windev AND project) directories are excluded from the surveillance of your antio-virus?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 21.12.2017 17:33
Thanks Fabrice! Hopefully this does the trick.

von Curtis - am 21.12.2017 22:18
I don't have an anti-virus and it also happens to me :/

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 22.12.2017 15:44
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