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WM 22 or 23 - iOS development requirements

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 24.12.2017 19:04

Reading the WM 22 brochure makes me think WM generates all the code for the devices without further steps. However, I thought otherwise.

To develop an app for iOS, do you have to have an Apple Mac? If so, what is the minimum hardware and software needed?


Hello Jeff,

I use a Mac mini to compile it in Xcode. You need one that can handle the latest IOS. other then that you will need a developer account with apple you could do a personal for $100.00 or Business(More expense harder to set up).


von DW - am 24.12.2017 19:30
Hi Jeff

Go4it and it works a charm.

I've been using it since wm19-wm22 with hot mission critical apps
for users without any issue and secured than Android but I never opt it
out as customers' wants.

I am using latest ios with High Sierra with Enterprise license ($299) and
it is OK if you have customers.

ps unfortunately ent. lics has limited numbers of use 100 / ind. devices
ie 100 iPhone, 100 iPad, ...



von kingdr - am 25.12.2017 05:40
Hi Kingdr

Do you recommend the bussinnes account if for example I develop an app and plan to publish it on the app store?

Thank you

von James Smiths - am 25.12.2017 18:10

Yes and it directly write it into your device without publishing it into app store
as it might take sometime to get it approved then published in list and of course
you can do so as well.

The only thing is us$266 / biz. account/yr and it's ok if you have enough customers
to cover the cost.



von kingdr - am 25.12.2017 19:12
Thank you for your answer King



von James Smiths - am 26.12.2017 00:28

I have an additional question on this topic so I;ll post it here:

I need be able to make changes to an Apple tablet app. It is used by some 15 users. I need be able to make changes fast . Is an Enterprice apple account the soluition for this ?



von Allard - am 26.12.2017 16:33
Hi Allard

If you joined the Enterprise lic and you are eligible to have unlimited Apps installed
on 100 iPads, 100 iPhones, 100 iWatches, 100 iPod, tv ie of total 500 devices per
lic per year.

You'll be telephoned to ask who you are provided you have a company registered
(not by your person name) and answer both to allow apps directly inject from
your iMac and can be posted on Apple Store. Don't forget to ask apple to
give you a register DUN and Bra.. number for registration purpose.

The enterprise lic can be automatically update once your credit card entered/ver OK
on your Apple Developer a/c.



von Kingdr - am 26.12.2017 22:32

If you set them up as Beta Testers then you can do a adhoc build send it to them and they can install it through their I tunes.


You are allowed up to 100 iphones and 100 Ipads for your Beta Testers.


von DW - am 27.12.2017 01:42
So to be clear, to publish an app to be downloaded by thounsands or millions of user for free, it is enough the bussinnes licence?



von James Smiths - am 27.12.2017 12:44

You can do it with the personal license also.


von DW - am 27.12.2017 14:42
Ok thank you DW


von James Smiths - am 27.12.2017 19:19
Hi James

>So to be clear, to publish an app to be downloaded by thounsands or millions of user for >free, it is enough the bussinnes licence?

We pay $300 per annum and there is no limit to how many end users can have the apps [any number of apps] on their devices. We do not charge for mobile apps. They are just another way of interacting with the data base. Our clients pay for the use of our software. All mobile apps coming for the ride, no matter what platform they are on. And our clients run their own mobile app stores. We never publish anything in the public stores, for security and other reasons.

There is no cost for Android apps.


von André Labuschagné - am 04.01.2018 21:46
Hi Andre

Thank you for your answer.



von James Smiths - am 08.01.2018 00:04
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