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iPrintReport() Fails to find report in Webdev 21,20,19 in distribution

Startbeitrag von Peter Hite am 28.12.2017 16:44

This problem has plagued me through several versions of Webdev. I use PCSCloud to host. When I deploy my site and try to run a report I usually get an error on the iPrintReport function where it doesn't find the report. Example Error:
The 'RPT_SalesLaborNoBfst.wde' element was not found.
BUT, that report and others is in my library which was downloaded to the site.
Sometimes I can fix it by recompiling everything , recreating the library, and redeploying. Most of the time it requires me either getting out of WebDev entirely and then retrying or rebooting the PC and retrying from there. I have tried every possible option and scenario to try to resolve this and have spent many many hours trying to get a site back up after this error. PCSCloud says it is not them. I am scared to update my site as it could be down for hours trying to get the reports working. Anybody else had this issue?


Hello Peter,

I have never got that problem, so the following is just an idea...

Is your web site hosted on linux or windows? I'm asking because I see that you use a mix of upper and lower cases in your report name, and if you are on linux (case sensitive) and not using the same set of upper/lower cases everywhere, that may cause the problem you are describing

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 28.12.2017 18:02
No, it's a windows machine. The project may be a little different in that it has 2 configurations. One is for development where clients can look at changes and the other is for release. The type of site is Dynamic AWP.
It is just beyond me why it can't find reports in the library, but it finds everything else (graphs, programs, etc.).

von Peter Hite - am 28.12.2017 19:05
The first thing I would do would be to setup another server (you can use a test server at kalanda.net, by example, or use an in-house server with a 10 connection webdev server on it and deploy on it the same way you are deploying on your production system...

if you have the same problem on the second setup, then you know it's coming from something in your project, and you can start changing options and see what's happening (awp pages, yes, but autonomous or not, by example)...

However, i everything works fine on YOUR system and not on the PCSoft one, then you have something new to tell them (or yo can decide to change hosting provider to solve the problem)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 28.12.2017 21:07
Thank You. Wish I could find a good U.S. provider - would make more sense.

von Peter Hite - am 28.12.2017 21:43
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