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HFSQL Control Center Problem [V22]

Startbeitrag von iso am 05.01.2018 10:48


Im having a bit of an issue with HFSQL Control Centre, i'm trying to schedule a backup of a database but when i run the backup i get the following message:

Unable to create directory

(also same when i use unmapped directory path //fs/data/rdt/backup/db_afternoon/)

obviously a permissions issue but full permissions have been granted i can browse to the directory and create files and folders in there no problem, IT have said everything is correct on their part (which it seems to be) and its down to me to sort out, any ideas?





My idea would to for you to complete the sentence: "...but full permissions have been granted..."

to WHOM?

If it's you, the logged user, nobody cares, as YOU are NOT the one starting HFSQL server.

It's a service (actually, HFSQL server is made of TWO services), so you need to go into services to identify what SYSTEM users is running them, then give appropriates permissions to THIS user.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.01.2018 12:07
Hi Fabrice,

Set permissions read/write for 'Everyone'

I ll look into the System Users

Thanks for your help

von iso - am 05.01.2018 12:17
Hi Fabrice

Thanks for help on this, i've found the issue. The DB Server was installed on an old configuration (FS) the IT department created a new configuration shortly after this (FS2) and its FS2 which is used for all the users and groups.

thanks again.


von iso - am 08.01.2018 09:03
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