ArraySeek() issue solved

Startbeitrag von DerekT am 17.01.2018 16:27

In my previous post I mentioned an issue of ArraySeek() always returning a value of 1 regardless of whether the sought value existed or not.

Having returned to programming I also noticed that combos bound to the arrays showed no values even though the arrays themselves had content.

My error, no surprise here, as I was using a reversal of the code used to store the JSON content to populate the arrays....
FOR EACH LookupDetail where StringBuild("FK_LUCode = '%1'",s_LUCode)
//Fetch and convert the content of the detail (JSON) string
s_LUDetailJSON = LookupDetail.LookUpList_JSON; v_LUDetail = JSONToVariant(s_LUDetailJSON)
//Assign the variant to the array
{"m_Arr" + s_LUCode,indVariable}


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