Uninstalling a mobile app

Startbeitrag von John Fligg am 17.01.2018 21:55

Obviously anyone can uninstall a Mobile Android/iOS app using the standard functionality of the relevant OS. However I would like to perform some functions prior to this.

With that in mind I have created a Reset Device procedure which when run manually will delete all the files and folders of the app leaving the device with just the program installed but no operating files. It will also interrogate the main Server and delete any Subscriber files there.

This leaves the app in a state as if it has just been installed. So when the Client runs the app it will run all the preload functions. A "standard" Uninstall removes the program files also.

I want to be able to trap if a Client tries to "Uninstall" the app by conventional means and offer them the choice of "resetting the app" rather than a full uninstall.

Does anyone know of a way of doing this bearing in mind the Client would just opt for a full "traditional" Uninstall.



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