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[WD22] Problem printing tickets with the EPSON TM-U220PD Model M188D Printer

Startbeitrag von David Cabrera am 23.01.2018 20:51

Good afternoon.

Has anyone used the EPSON TM-U220PD Model M188D printer for ticket printing?

I have problems printing the ticket that I generated from Windev, I must say that I did not find the printer driver and I use the windows 10 generic driver.

The error occurs when printing certain amounts, since the printer moves the point one digit to the right, or sometimes puts the point on a digit, for example if the total is "$ 120.68" the printer prints "$ 1206.8", even when I myself I define the direct value in the STC. Also sometimes when a multi-text STC has more than one line of text, the printer prints all the lines in one line.

It may be that all these errors have nothing to do with the Windev report, but if someone has had this same experience it would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.
David Cabrera


Hi David
We have fairly generic print routines which work with pretty well any docket printer, provided it has Windows drivers. All bets are off with the generic driver! However, putting that aside it sounds like a width issue to me. We have experienced similar issues with various docket printers when the text is too long for the line.

All our docket printing is programmed manually using iprint etc; we couldn't get enough control using the report writer. We can check the width of each line before printing (based on content, font size etc) & adjust it there if necessary; if it's a multi-line item we print it inside a zone, the height again calculated on the fly, which takes care of line-wrapping etc.



von David Egan - am 24.01.2018 20:00
Hi, David Egan

First of all thank you for taking the time to respond.

I understand what you tell me, and maybe the error that several lines are printed in one has to do with the length, what is not clear to me is the error with the point, if I print directly from excel or word there is no problem, and I verify the PDF generated from the report and the amounts are fine, but in the print is where the error occurs and I think the error is from Windev, because from Excel and Word the prints are well.

I leave some examples of how the PDF looks against the impression.



Thanks for your time.
David Cabrera

von David Cabrera - am 24.01.2018 22:04
Hi David,

Your specific problems aside, I found it difficult to believe that there was no driver available for an Epson printer.

I gave my father one of my old ink jet printers 10 years ago and I'd had it for a couple of years before that and Epson still produce the drivers for it even for Windows 10!

Anyhow, this is the link to the 32/64 bit drivers and more for your printer:


von DarrenF - am 25.01.2018 10:19

clearly the problem comes from the GENERIC printer... Do not ever use that thing if you are not printing into a file. For a physical printer you NEED it's specific driver. No substitute allowed.

After that, you can go check on my web site the "Random error" series of articles where I described some of the printing problems I had when printing outside the technical margins, EVEN with the correct printer.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.01.2018 11:05
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