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[WD21] Preview and Printing

Startbeitrag von Ericus am 25.01.2018 14:26


I must be doing something wrong somewhere because my application is failing on the client machine.

I run these command in this order

On my machine the preview window is shown and I can close it and print other documents with no problem.

On the client's machine they can preview one document and then from there on everything slows down to a crawl. The second report takes about a minute to print and sometimes don't even appear in the preview screen.

I installed the WD21 patch US_103089 on my machine before compiling and distributing my software.

Any assistance appreciated.


Ericus Steyn


Hi Eric,

Do you have this problem with only one report or with all the reports in your project?

If only one report => there is probably something wrong with the report
if all reports => there is probably something wrong on client computer

Kind regards,


von Joris - am 26.01.2018 09:13

Never use iPreview(iPage) but iPreview(100) , always.

and did you put iEndPrinting() after iPrintReport()... and you'd better.

Finally, pls check your default printer on client w/s or use iConfigure()
before iPreview to see if it helps.



von kingdr - am 26.01.2018 11:16
Did adding the iEndPrinting() help the problem? The help says this only applies to reports by programming, not reports created with the report editor.

We are having print problems with Windows 10 clients at some schools. The print never completes and they have to end the application.

von Jeff Graham - am 29.01.2018 23:10
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