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storing Automtic 4 byte ID's in a memo field

Startbeitrag von Garry Allen am 26.01.2018 21:18

Here is another easy one for you WinDev22 gurus;
I have a data file Cust_Order_Template with 2 fields
CustID - numeric, 4 Bytes
ItemList - binary
I want to store a number of 4 byte Item IDs in the ItemList field and later retrieve them into an array so that I can do an HReadSeekFirst on each in the Item file to retrieve additional info..
The problem is that I can't seem to find the correct syntax to successfully do this.
Should I be using some form of serialize?
Any ideas?


Hello Garry

As an alternative, you could use a link file comprised of two CustID and ItemID.
Much easier to work with, faster and also would allow reverse look up from ItemId to CustID
I would also suggest moving to 8 byte fields.


von Al - am 27.01.2018 06:44
Hi Gary,

you can simply do:

You can then work directly n that stirng (extractstring+index) or transfer it first into an array if yo prefer

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.01.2018 13:45
What a wonderful thing sleep is! I spent a couple of hours on this yesterday and got nowhere. This morning I got up and wrote the whole thing in 10 minutes,
Never the less, thanks for your input.

Fabrice: that was my first approach but then I got worried about ID1, ID2,etc being strings and the fields are numeric (of course I had just finished reading your Best Practices!)

Al: that would seem to be the obvious solution but for some reason I had decided that I only wanted one record per customer. However, your point about reverse lookup deserves consideration.

von Garry Allen - am 27.01.2018 15:46
Hi Garry,

yes, you do store numerics in a string in that case... that is what numtostring and val functions are for... :-)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.01.2018 18:10
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