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WD21 - Print Problems

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 30.01.2018 00:04

We are having print problems at some schools. It only occurs on Windows 10 machines but most installations do not have a print problem. The print will maybe print a page and then hangs up. The preview works but not the print. The application has to be terminated with the task manager and started over. They have updated printer drivers. It is a network printer.

There are Windows 10 machines that do not have this problem in other schools. I see a similar post on the 25th but I wonder if anyone else has had this problem?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Jeff,

you did not mention if you have installed the WinDev updates for the print problems with Windows-10, inclusive the dll for that.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 30.01.2018 07:15
Hi Jeff,

and yes, depending on the VERSION of windows 10, there will or will not be printing problem if you did not update your printing dll with pcsoft patch...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.01.2018 11:01
Stefan and Fabrice,

Many thanks. I never saw the patch from PC Soft. I hope I have not missed others!

von Jeff Graham - am 30.01.2018 17:47

Re: WD21 - Print Problems; WD22

Hello to you all,

Printing in WD22:
It worked perfect and suddenly a single report (which has not changed for years) gives a problem.
Windows update? It only effects two of the dozens of reports. And on some computers.
It looks like the program stopped working but after 5 minutes the preview appears.
While other reports work perfect.

I did not see an update for WD22 for printing. Any help would be welcome.
Thanks in advance.

von Frans - am 02.02.2018 10:11

Re: WD21 - Print Problems; WD22

Hi Frans,

If the report is has not changed and you have all the Windev updates then there is possibly something with the data that is printed. Maybe a corrupted index?

Kind regards


von Joris - am 02.02.2018 10:39

Re: WD21 - Print Problems; WD22

Hi Joris,

Thanks for your answer but I checked the indexes.
I have the 73h version or is there another patch? I thought the printer patches where up to WD22.

von Frans - am 02.02.2018 10:46

Re: WD21 - Print Problems; WD22

Hi Frans,

I have the same version. I think that the patch was already in it before the latest update. If it would be the missing of the patch then all your reports should give the problem.

Kind regards,


von Joris - am 02.02.2018 12:38
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