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WebDev 21 to 22

Startbeitrag von JP am 01.02.2018 08:13

Hi All

I have 3 WebDev 21 sites up and running. I now want to look at moving one of those sites to WebDev 22. How does that work on the server side? Do I install WebDev 22 Administrator Console alongside the WebDev 21 Admin console and run them both? Can the server handle 2 sites I have in WebDev 21 and move the 3rd site over to WebDev 22? Is this all handled or are there steps I need to follow or be aware of?



Hi JP,

in theory (because I haven't personally done that part, my customers servers begin generally managed by somebody else than I) :
- You replace your webdev 21 server by webdev 22 server, while making sure that during install, you check the option to let the 22 server ALSO manage previous versions
- then you make sure that all 3 sites are running correctly
- then you upgrade your site to 22

I STRONGLY suggest that you start by doing an image of your full server's system, copy it on another machine and try the whole upgrade on the second server...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.02.2018 11:03
Hey Fabrice,

So you're saying first upgrade the server WebDev 21 Administrator to version 22 (leaving the site on my dev machine as WebDev 21 versions). Make sure the server WebDev 22 Administrator also manages previous versions too. Then once everything seems to be working OK I can try convert the website on my machine to version 22. Yes?

von JP - am 01.02.2018 13:03
exactly... of course, you are leaving out what is probably the most important part: DON'T do it on the production machine first, do it on a TEST machine first to check that there is no problem

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.02.2018 14:05
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