[WD21] Problem referring to file item controls

Startbeitrag von Ola am 05.02.2018 11:47

[WD21] Problem referring to file item controls

I am doing a "form type" window with also a child file browsing table in it.
There is a product number entry field in the form (in a tab control), and there is also product number column in the table (the table is not in the tab control, it is below it). Both have the same label: "ProdNo", so in the code I refer to the form prodno with "WINDOWNAME.TABS.PRODNO" or "TABS.PRODNO" and to the table prodno with "TABLE.PRODNO". Both are linked to the same product file and item.

According to my earlier experience with Windev, this should be sufficient to separate the ProdNos from each other in the code, but now, surprisingly, I notice that it isn't. WD does not care about the references to "WINDOWNAME.TABS.PRODNO" in the code at all, but reads the first "TABLE.PRODNO" in the child table instead of it!

So, I changed the "TABLE.PRODNO" to TABLE.col_PRODNO", but this did not help either! Same problem as above.

The only way to get over this weird problem was to re-name the "WINDOWNAME.TABS.PRODNO" to "WINDOWNAME.TABS.edt_PRODNO"! Only then the code works as expected!

Has anybody else noticed this kind of weird behaviour? Or maybe I am missing something?

Best regards


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