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Strange Error

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 08.02.2018 17:41

Has anyone else seen an error like this one:

Error at line 62 of Procédure globale Fichiers_Connecter_Execute process ('WDRules' component).
Error when the 'CCFeedback' component was loaded by the 'WDRules' component.
Version of 'CCFeedback' component ('D:\WX-ISCO\Answers\Exe\32-bit Windows executable\Feedback.wdk') too old to be used in this application. Version of 'CCFeedback' component: 22.00Ao. Version required by the application: 22.00Ap or later.

I have updated WinDev and copied the Feedback.wdk to the project replacing all occurances and still the error occurs. It happens on the following statement:

iEmailRecord = Open(WIN_EmailSend,Names.NameRN,EDT_ProjectNumber)

WIN_EmailSend runs fine in window test mode.


Hi Jeff,

as the message gives you a PRECISE path for the file, start by checking its version... If it is the version stated in the message, update it and check again, if it's not, try rebooting your computer, as it is, after all, THE solution to so many strange windows problems

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.02.2018 18:15

Thanks for your response, however all those things you suggest I did before posting. I also sent a request to technical support on where to get the stated version of Feedback.wdk. I don't see how to get the version from the file directly. I only compare the size and dates on the files in the stated path.

von Jeff Graham - am 08.02.2018 21:43
Hi Jeff

you can do it by code, with exeversion, if I remember correctly... there is a syntax for components...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.02.2018 11:07
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