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My video courses are now free

Startbeitrag von Fabrice Harari am 13.03.2018 14:10

Hi everybody...

for multiple reasons, I have decided to offer for free all my video courses that were previously sold.
I want to thank all the customers who paid for them in the last few years, but the volume of sales does not justify the investment and management needed.

So, all these video courses are now becoming free, and I'm in the process of uploding them on my youtube channel :



Hi Fabrice,

Thank you for making these resources available. You are a great help to the WX community and it is appreciated!



von bosher - am 14.03.2018 09:40
Thx Fabrice.
will be a good source of information for many of us.


von Sascha77 - am 14.03.2018 10:57
Hi Fabrice!


von GuenterP - am 14.03.2018 11:46
Hello Fabrice

I applaud your altruism towards your fellow developers - thank you.

The videos contain a huge amount of constructive discussion on methods and good practices that are still very relevant today and go a long way towards providing a basic manual for new and current users.


von Al - am 14.03.2018 12:31
Good jobs Fabrice. :spos:

von kingdr - am 14.03.2018 12:58
Hi Fabrice, thank you for your help to the community.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 15.03.2018 11:13
Thank you !!!


von Alen U. - am 16.03.2018 17:07
Hello Fabrice,

That is fabulous.!!

BTW are you going to share the code associated with your videos also?

If yes then what will be the lowest version of WX?

I am interested in WX 20 as I am using it. ;)

von Yogi Yang - am 20.03.2018 11:55
yes... The code is already shared and available on my web site, as all these products have been marked as free.

As for the version, it is indicated in each video.

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.03.2018 15:24
Hi Fabrice

Your'e a great man. Always appreciate your help on the forum and now sharing your hard work making and hours spent making videos.

von Mark Crichton - am 22.03.2018 02:50
Hi everybody...

I forgot to tell you to have a look at the playlist section... Several of the videos are cut into parts and I created the appropriate playlists so that you can see a whole subject easily.


von Fabrice Harari - am 22.03.2018 13:14
Fabrice Harari
yes... The code is already shared and available on my web site, as all these products have been marked as free.

I tried to find code for the Video on Data Access but could not find it on your website.

Can you please point me to it?


von Yogi Yang - am 22.03.2018 14:51
Thank you!!

von Theo van Vliet - am 30.03.2018 14:17
Very kind of you. Thank you!


von Ola - am 02.05.2018 13:59
Thanks Fabrice

Do you have a video linked to WM - WD webservices?

von InfosPilot - am 03.05.2018 16:48

yes... the whole set of videos on WXReplication. This project includes a REST type webservice (made in webdev) used by the mobile and windows sides to transmit data (the replication data).

This also includes code to transform binary files into base64 encoded string for transport and everything else that is needed.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.05.2018 12:46
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