[WB20] Deploy site error (Pt.2)

Startbeitrag von DannHCS am 14.04.2018 08:33


whenever I try to deploy a site from WebDev on the server via FTP, at the end of upload I get this error:

INFRegistering the site in the administrator
ERRFailure saving the application in the account file.
ERRCheck whether the permissions on the files are correct (or contact the server administrator and transmit him this message).

Does anyone know what to do?



Hi Dann,

this means that the user account used for publication (the ftp user) does not have the appropriate permissions on the server. More specifically, this error message refers to the 'account' subdirectory of the webdev server one, where the account/sites per account information is stored. You need to add read/write permissions on this folder for this user...

All this is described in the install guide (ftp) coming with webdev server.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.04.2018 10:42
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