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browsing table control in WINDEV

Startbeitrag von puru am 17.04.2018 14:37

Greetings All
I have difficulties in handling a task in Windev Browsing Table Control.
Now, i am trying to build a small application to keep track of daily hours worked by workers of my plantation. I have created two data files for a start. One keeps personal information about each worker such as
Matricule No, Name of worker, Date of Birth, Date Engaged etc. The second Data file keeps track of the daily hours worked (Times Sheet) and has the following items: Date, Matricule No, Hours worked etc.

Now my difficulty is, i have created a browsing table control based on the second Data file on a window which i want to use to enter data into the data file (Times sheet). On this browsing table control, i have included a column (Name) to show the name of the worker from the personal information Data file, after the Matricule no is entered in the browsing table control.

please any help on how to achieve this in windev. I'm relatively new in windev.

Many thanks in anticipation


Hi Puru,

Whenever I see that people are "new" to WX products, I always suggest working thru the relevant tutorial if they haven't already been thru it.

As for your question, personally, I don't enter data directly into a table control as I find it can be quite complicated to "manage" it. I tend to have a browsing table, when a row is selected, I move the data out to edit fields and when finished entering/editing, I move the new/updated data back to the table control.

von DarrenF - am 17.04.2018 15:05

I agree . Do the tutorial. It helps.

I donnot get what you mean from your description. Could you profide som screen shots ?


von Allard - am 17.04.2018 21:02
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