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[WD23] Duplicated Controls [SOLVED]

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 11.06.2018 20:09

[SOLVED] - Not really solved but something must have happened in my WD22 project first. My backup in WD22 has the same issue so it's not a conversion issue. Sorry.


For testing purposes I've just tried moving a very small project from WD22 to WD23 (latest update). The project windows have virtually all their controls inside a super control. After WD did it's conversion process most of these controls have been duplicated! All edit controls which take an input and all Combo boxes are affected; buttons, progress bars & checkboxes are fine, as are read-only edit fields.

The super control has basically doubled in height and the duplicated controls are within it but off the screen so at first glance you can't see them. I received a heap of "same link on data" GUI errors which alerted me to the problem. All the duplicates are listed in the project explorer and in the Super Control itself and the only way to delete them is by selecting them in the project explorer.

I'm really glad I only picked a small project to test!



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