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WD23 - PDF-Reader.

Startbeitrag von Aad Gouka am 14.06.2018 07:41

Hi all,

The PDf-Reader in WD23 seems to be a nice tool. Can this be translated in another language ??

Best regards,


Solved (I think). The ribbon can be replaced by an internal window. This window can be translated. After that the ribbon is in you preferred language.



You are correct.
Having place the PDF control on your window from the General Tab you can select 'Preset Window'.
This creates an internal component named 'FI_WindevFAA_RubanLecteurPDF' in the WDFAA folder.
The same option/result is available for the Word Processing and XLSheet controls but not the Image Viewer at the moment.
You can then add your language to the windows created in the normal fashion.

The code and comments are all French so that can be a bit of a challenge.
The code of course can be changed to English with the built in WD function, the comments will need the use of Google translate if required.

I tried the 'Convert the Code - English' on the WP.
It created a few errors where it had translated one function to 'array' instead of 'table' but other than that it was OK and worked without issue.

von DerekT - am 14.06.2018 09:31
Hi Derek,

Thanks very much voor your explanation. Do you know by any chance where I can find the Print window. I'd like to translate that as well.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 14.06.2018 09:45
Hello to you all,

Just a warning:
I think that when you make your own menu you have to do all the work again when there is a new WD version with of course new pssibilities

von Frans - am 15.06.2018 08:10
Hi all,

Isn't this the kind problem that can be solved with money and some extra work? That is: WDMsg, the translation tool?

Best regards

von Ola - am 15.06.2018 11:37
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