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Need help to confirm bug in WD23 (Issue went away - solved for now)

Startbeitrag von DW am 11.08.2018 16:04

Hello All,

I have an issue with all 3 of the PCSoft products.

If you are try to edit an image of a control say a button control go to the image of the button click the drop down and select "Edit image" the first time it opens the Windev built in image editor, change it save. Try to open it again or any other image the same way Windev will crash.

Can someone try this.
I have sent this to PC soft and they can not reproduce. This happens in all 3 products Windev, Windev Mobile and Webdev



Re: Need help to confirm bug in WD23

Hi Dennis

I tried to reproduce in wd23, but there are clearly steps missing in your description... So I'm not sure what you EXACTLY did and therefore cannot reproduce

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 11.08.2018 18:14

Re: Need help to confirm bug in WD23

Hello Fabrice,

This has been happening to me for months on all 3 projects I final send it to PCSoft and now it works. I am sure it is something that my computer was doing.


von DW - am 11.08.2018 19:47

Re: Need help to confirm bug in WD23

Well I'm (not so) happy to tell you I can reproduce this within a few seconds !!

Open the description window of a button or an image.

You will see the option for the attached image where you can choose it from wether a file or the built in catalog. In WX23 there is this new option to open/get it from the new image editor.

And yes, the first time this option works but the second time it results in a crash.

Fortunaltely I don't use this option (yet...)

von Arie - am 12.08.2018 12:16
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