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[WD14] Sending Email error:Unable to open asynchronous session: mail spooler disabled.

Startbeitrag von Al am 09.09.2010 05:04

Hello All

Can anyone tell me what causes the error message: Unable to open asynchronous session: mail spooler disabled.

I have started an email session with EmailStartOutlookSession("") and then selected a profile from the screen prompt. I then put data into the email structure and try to send the email with EmailSendMessage(EMSessionID) Most of the code has been copied from the various examples in the Help and I am sure that I have valid email address and other info in the email structure. In my tests there is a single recipient and a pdf file attachment.

I can't find anything in the help to indicate what the error message means.



Re: [WD14] Sending Email error: - Solved

Hello All

Found the problem: a left over testing procedure was resetting the EMSessionID to 1


von Al - am 09.09.2010 06:58
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