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Connecting to a WEBDev Site

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 15.10.2010 12:38

I just installed my first WebDEV 15 app to a clients computer.
Windows 7 pro 32bit/ IIs and the free 10 user PC soft webDev server.

I have a static IP, forward is OK (opened port 80)

When I run it locally ( everything works fine.


When I call it outside the "internal network" I get the following message:

The administration service of WebDev (WD150Admin) was not started.


Any Ideas?

Steven Sitas


it seems I can connect from outside with :

but I canot connect with: http://www.site.gr

I followed the "help instructions": How to avoid displaying the URL of the WebDev pages in the browser?

but they seem to work ONLY from the INTERNAL network - NOT from outside.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 15.10.2010 13:23

Make sure www.site.gr is pointing to the correct external IP of the server with your webdev server / program etc.

If you are using MS IIs you need to add an index or default.htm page to your inetpub/wwwroot directory. IIs defaults to a page named iisstart.htm.

Include the following code in your iisstart.htm page:




von Brian - am 24.10.2010 15:06
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