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WinDev 15 Bug (Another...)

Startbeitrag von Fulvio.pcs.crosspost am 25.10.2010 07:06

TableSelectPlus(Table1,1) in "Exit" event of Table control
case strange effect on table displayed data when the table lost
the focus with TAB or Shift-TAB.

My goal:
I want be sure that, when the Table control lost the focus, the first row
present in the table must be selected, so I select the row with the
"TableSelectPlus" command in Table "Exit" event.

How to reproduce the bug:
put in a window:
1 edit control
1 table with two column and two row displayed
1 edit control

the above sequence is also the TAB navigation order sequence.

In the Table1 "Exit" event code:



Write something in Edit1 and TAB

Fill the first two row of the table1:
in the second row write something different from the first,
end the data input with 2 empty TAB

the focus is now on Edit2.

Take a look at the data displayed in the table. The data seems to be duplicated. (!!!)

Now from the Edit2 go back with Shift-TAB.

The data on the Table1 reappers.

Now from the Table1 go back again with Shift-TAB to Edit1.

The data on the first row of the Table disapper. (!!!)

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such a precise case has to be sent to the PCSoft's Technical Support for them to correct it.... Make an example project with you code + explanations and send it (that's the best way).


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von Olivier.pcs.crosspost - am 25.10.2010 07:54
Hi Olivier,

I have already sent a simple project with all explanations to pcsoft support, and
I waiting for the reply from them.
When I will receice the answer I will inform the forum.


von Fulvio - am 25.10.2010 08:18
News from support:

"The TableSelectPlus effect is under investigation. Unfortunately this incident has not yet been fixed."...



von Fulvio - am 29.10.2010 17:56
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