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Cross Tab Reports

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 27.10.2010 00:55

Hello All,

I have a cross tab reports shows quantities to pick by school and product. However, they can override the quantity ordered in a table and I want to use the override quantity.

Has anyone created cross tab reports from a data source other than the embedded query of the wizard? The Report description can be modified to use another source but it does not seem to work. I changed it to be a table created in the same format as the embedded query but it does not show but one row and does not expand the columns. I changed all the links I could find.

The other option is to modify the content of the columns from the table but I can't seem to access the embedded query data to look up the override in the table. I have tried the reportname$query that shows up in the editor but is says it is inaccessible.

Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.


Hello Jeff

Is it possible to dump the data from the query straight into a memory table using FileToMemoryTable() and then present whatever columns are relevant to the user to directly edit the quantities and then print the report from that memory table ?


von Al - am 27.10.2010 04:33
Hi Al,

I will give that a try today. I am still trying to figure out how to access what is being printed in the cross tab report. It seem more like "magic" as I look at the properties. There is no code and I can't seem to access the embedded query.


von Jeff Graham - am 27.10.2010 13:17
You can't use crosstab reports for that.
Data source of the Crosstab report: Unlike the other types of reports, the "Crosstab" report is based on an embedded query. This query is created via the wizard for creating a "Crosstab" report.

the only way i know is to use a standard report based on a table and group the values by programming.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 27.10.2010 14:36
Hi Paulo,

Yes, that is true. I can use that if I could change values of one field in the query in the data read. However, I can't find any way to access the data in the report code.

Do you or anyone know how?


von Jeff Graham - am 27.10.2010 17:03
Hello Paulo and Al,

I could not figure out how to access any data fields in the embedded query from the code processes so I punted. I created a work file in the analysis and made the embedded query use that file. Works well and does what I need. Fortunately, only one user at a time can run the process that requires the work file. So no problem just clearing and reusing.

Thanks for all the suggestions,

von Jeff Graham - am 28.10.2010 02:58
FYI I received this today:
PC Soft Technical Support
Cross tab reports are kind of special, they are not dynamic. One way to make them dynamic is to use special files, new files in your analysis, that will be filled with the data before calling the report.

A suggestion has been registered to implement this feature. Please use the following reference if you contact me on the same subject #32 640/356275.

von Jeff Graham - am 29.10.2010 00:24
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