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WB15: Irregular display of using IE Print Preview for looper table

Startbeitrag von King am 27.10.2010 13:43


I was using AWP with looper control and everything was good to see in IE with nice alignment setup of all cells' display .

When I print preview/hardcopy,even in landscape/shrink to fit,
the columns were moved to irregular display and no matter how I setup the page size and
there were more than a page to be printed for 100 more records.

By using printScreen or snap tool, I can only have the 1st view of the screen while
leaving the orphens that I have to scroll down and continue to snap it to an image.

All I want is to print everything what I see nicely with several pages and now
what-you-see-is-not-what-you-get. My client didn't wanna pay for extra to generate
the report and he claimed that was my problem.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thank you.



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