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Calling WEB SERVICE with Windev error charset not supported

Startbeitrag von Paolo Scarabattoli am 03.11.2010 14:58

When I execute my client application It returns the error charset not supported

I asked to the SOAP administrator about charset used He asked me thath the webservice uses SOAP/HTTP : UTF8, ISO8859-1, IBM850.

When I ask to windev about charset (with the command N=changecharset()) Windev answer with 127. What does 127 means ? Because in windev help I do not find this number.

If I try to change the charset (with command Changecharset(charsetUTF8)) and than I ask il the change was made (with the command N=changecharset()) N is alwais 127.

Where I wrong ?
What I must do to change the charset on windev project to UTF8 or an other charset compatible?

Thanks to all


Not sure if I am correct but could it be you need to change the encoding (charset) of the XML file when reading writing from/to it: e.g. ansitounicode() and unicodetoansi(). By default WX does everything in ANSI (Windows).

Not sure if this is it however...



von Peter H. - am 03.11.2010 15:52
thanks , i try to do so....

von Paolo Scarabattoli - am 03.11.2010 19:30
Hi Peter,
I tryed with unicode , now the web service answer !!!!!
but write a new error message "parameter error". The only parameter of the function called is "1" ( an integer) and I insert it in the XML string before to translate from ansi to unicode It is correct?
Is there e way to tell to windev to use unicode in all part of the function?

von Paolo Scarabattoli - am 04.11.2010 14:31
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