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Calling A .NET Class In A WinDev Form

Startbeitrag von kevinw am 08.07.2008 10:01

A am trying to call a class in a .NET assembly from a WD12 window. The .NET class is called Country inside an assembly called WinDev_DotNET.dll

I have placed this assembly (which I know works fine from a .NET form) in the WD project directory, together with the file WD120NET2.DLL as specified in the Help.

I have then tried to call it a couple of ways - using the Dynamic keyword as I found in a search in this forum - without success:

loCountry is object WinDev_DotNET.dll dynamic = new Country();


loCountry is object Country dynamic = new Country();

Any other suggestions as to the syntax to use?

TIA, Kevin


For anybody else reading this, adding the Assembly to the .NET References in the Project helps!


von kevinw - am 08.07.2008 11:23
Hi Kevin,

I presume it now works??

If not, reply and I'll see if I can help



von Bob Stratton (bosher) - am 08.07.2008 11:25
Hi Bob,

Well the form now starts, but then crashes. However, I believe this is more to do with the .NET assembly (or calling it from a non-.NET client) than WinDev.

Anyway, my problem now.

Regards, Kevin

von kevinw - am 08.07.2008 12:05
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