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WB15 - Best way to create a website development app

Startbeitrag von Joel am 16.11.2010 20:42

Hi All -

I have been trying to do this for about a year now - I thought WB15 would do the trick (because of the html control - but it doesn't seem to.

I want to create a page in WebDev that a user can use to create a webpage to display as part of their website - they need to be able to put in HTML (no problem - HTML edit control does that) BUT - they would also need to put pictures in. The HTML Edit control really doesn't allow them to do that easily - actually, I've never got that to work (can't seem to get the picture to display) but it does leave a placement marker for the picture. However the text wrapping is terrible, and it is next to impossible to move the picture around.

(For those of you who know about and use Google documents, that is exactly the type of thing I need - easy to put in HTML text, add a picture (with a nice explorer type picture picker) and you can move the picture around and there is nice text wrapping.)

My basic goal is develop an app that would allow a person to create their own website. This is the only hitch I have for this project.

Any ideas?


Hi Joel,

That sounds kind of like Joomla!


von Paul Murray - am 16.11.2010 23:17
Hi Paul -

Yep - similar for sure - but I want to make the app with Webdev so I don't need to use a third party app



von Joel - am 17.11.2010 01:47

Hi. You can use free editors like tinyMCE for this job. You can personalize the options for the end-user. And it can manage images.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 17.11.2010 02:16
Hi Joel,

I see you are in CT. Next time you are in NYC, kindly let me know and I will be happy to make the trip in to meet you.



von Paul Murray - am 17.11.2010 02:51
Ditto ... in NYC as well.


von Georgio - am 17.11.2010 16:39
Hello. I’m new to Webdev/Windev. I have a fully dynamic LAMPhP site you may be interested in as a possible solution. I could sell you a copy, but I would be especially interested in purchasing a Webdev version, if you were to produce something similar. I produced it to complement my existing company site. It’s fast, light, and kind to Google crawlers. It will have 80+ pages that require weekly tweaking by my manager, so I had to choose a solution that didn’t involve using FTP. It could be converted to SaaS, which may be necessary to suit your needs, for multiple tenants. Anything can be added, it just takes time.

The layout has three menu bars, which, along with the page text editor and images, are all handled through an Admin. Title and Meta tags are also handled through an Admin. You can also create internal pages that don’t use the menu. You can use the HTML editor if needed, like for adding hyperlinks within a paragraph. This could easily be modified so that a regex script run on a typed paragraph could separate ad hoc hyperlink tags (such as {[exceptional phrase for a hyperlink]}) out of your customer’s page text, then assign a valid link through a separate Admin page.

There are, of course, hundreds of open source dynamic solutions for sale out there. Most would probably be better suited than mine for marketing to your users, as my site is quite Spartan. That’s why a Webdev clone would be nice for me to have for my other business clients.


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von Mike.pcs.crosspost - am 18.11.2010 07:21
Hi Ruben,

Do you have an example or a howto? I would like to intergrate TineMCE into Webdev 15 but never used an external component like this one.

Regards, John

von John Gererth - am 17.12.2010 10:39
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