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WebDEV 15 - Mobile devices and WebDev

Startbeitrag von Rich am 19.11.2010 22:50

Can mobile devices open a WebDEV app, or must the app be done in WebDev mobile?


Hi Rich

there is no such thing as a "webdev APP", only "webdev SITES". Also, there is no such things as "WebDev mobile"...

So, on a mobile device, depending on the type of device :
- iPhone, Blackberry: you can run webdv sites (and you can make a site with very small pages and simple technology specifically for those). You may have to develop different sets of pages for different devices (old balckberry browsers do not support a lot of things)
- Device under window mobile or CE: you can either develop an app with windev mobile or a site with webdev
- Device under android: WinDev mobile or site
- Windows phone (the last microsoft "not compatible with anythign we've done before" technology): currently only webdev site, but windev mobile 16 is supposed to support them

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.11.2010 15:23

Thanks for the detailed response.

I may have some more questions as I proceed.

von Rich - am 20.11.2010 20:17
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