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Startbeitrag von Manfred am 21.11.2010 17:49

Hey ALL, i continue thinking that our community need a chat room online to interchange opinions and to rich the conversations, today we need get inside of social network, our plattform is futurisict and we cant handle that. All Suggestions are acepted, Jimbo give us a hand.

Thanks all



Not enough people here for a 24/7 chat room in my opinion. And we are spread all around the world. I predict too many times it will be like an empty room when entered: "Hello, anybody here?"

Maybe a focused chat once per week or something... but finding a time for some that is not in the middle of a sleep period might be difficult.

von Art Bonds - am 22.11.2010 03:47
Thats right, but what a skypecast channel open 24 hs?

I like talk in the morning, afternoon or night.


von Manfred - am 22.11.2010 14:41
Hi Manfred

there is skype chat (or at least there was) running (and the info is in this forum somewhere) so you can join it if you feel like it. I tried and backed away after 2 days for the following reasons:

- the thing was interrupting my work all the time
- there is no subject/thread that you can follow, everything is mixed up
- there is no real archive that you can search

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 23.11.2010 11:50

Hi Manfred, I'm sorry to say that I'm opposing the idea of 'chatting' when it's related to programming. Too fast for good thoughts and solutions. It took me a whole weekend to do some researches and find solutions for the well known WeekNumber(Function) and calendar week problem: http://www.windev.at/html/calendarweeks.html
This is nothing for a quick shot, believe me ..
Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 23.11.2010 13:55
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