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serial port question

Startbeitrag von Arie am 23.11.2010 20:52

I have to communicate with a serial device (pinterminal). After sending some information, the application must wait for an ACK (or NAK). There's also a timeout I have to deal with.

So what is the best way to "wait" for an ACK from a serial device?

Using sInEntryQueue(), in a loop, to see if there is a character?

I could also use sEvent() and save received data in a global var.
And use a loop (together with multitask) to check this variable at a regular base, say every 100ms or so.

Maybe threads and signals?


Arie, U need see the ascii for the ACK and do a bucle with the question of that.


von Manfred - am 23.11.2010 21:09
I know the codes for the ACK (hex6) and NAK (hex15). That's no problem.
I just need a way to wait for ACK/NAK, being able to react on it directly. But stop if it takes too long.

von Arie - am 23.11.2010 21:20
Hi Arie,

I set up a timer and within the timer procedure I am doing the receiving of the serial port.
Having a global variable 'timeout' as integer.

In the send routine I am doing something like this:

-build sendstring
-sending the string
-clr receivebuffer
-set timeout = 0

In the receive routine (called periodically by the timer):

-read the receive buffer
-if characters available do whatever must be done
-if timeout > x (depends on how often your timer is called) do timeout condition.

I use this since 10 years with no problems.

Hope that helps


von Erik Schwarz - am 24.11.2010 08:31
Arie. Mines only suggestion to collaborate, sometimes the solutions dont come but with conversations arrives..



von Manfred - am 24.11.2010 12:32
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