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[WD12] Can't print from the Report previewer...

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 24.11.2010 00:18

Hi guys,

Has anyone encountered a problem where they can't print from the WD Print Previewer?

I've deployed my app onto my test set-up and when I try and print a report from the Print Previewer - nothing happens :confused: I know the printer works when printing from any other app like Word etc...

I can't print when clicking on either of the printer icons! The dialog box that pops up has the printer pre-selected in the drop-down but it just seems to ignore me pressing the OK button. Am I missing something?

Things like the creating a PDF version or Word version work fine, it's just the physical printing.

I first noticed this at my customer site and it doesn't work on my test system either :confused:

Any advice would be great - cheers!


Hello Darren

Have you modified the print preview program, looked sideways at it, or generally upset it ?
It is an extremely touchy piece of code. This has happened to me a while ago and the solution was to go into the project and in the Style option, set the print preview to "Standard".

You may also need to recompile with the obligatory prior deletion of the cpl directory


von Al - am 24.11.2010 01:07
Hi Al,

No I haven't modified apart from the "Printing in landscape" patch from a while ago. However, I have had mutterings in the past which may have upset it!? ;)

What is the name of the Project for this?


von DarrenF - am 24.11.2010 08:35
Hello Darren

Its in the Project description in the IDE and then choose the STYLE option. If you select the standard window in the print preview section it magically sets everything back to the "factory default" and just works.


von Al - am 24.11.2010 09:49
Hi Al,

What I meant was, does the Print Previewer have it's own project, and if so, what is it called?


von DarrenF - am 24.11.2010 10:09
Hello Darren

Sorry I misunderstood. There is no project just a set of windows in C:\WinDev 14\Programs\Data\Preset Windows\Preview.

I normally copy the whole lot into my projects. I have tried adjusting and modifying the windows in the past and each time managed to break the whole damn thing so now I just leave it alone to do its thing.


von Al - am 24.11.2010 11:55

Thanks for that... yes, I seem to remember previous comments on this bit of s/w...

I'm on WD12, but I'll have a look around. I seem to remember a Preview folder under Windev12 - fingers crossed :rp:

von DarrenF - am 24.11.2010 12:10
Hi Darren,

Each template has it's own set of preview windows. (personal\templates\xxxxx\preview)
I noticed that preview windows from older versions don't get updated with new Windev versions. So PCsoft leave you with a preview window that does not support the features of newer versions e.g. if you are still using a WD12 template in WD15.
Note that from version 14 you need to include a whole bunch of other windows along with your WDpreview window being the popup windows for zoom, color, linestyle etc.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 24.11.2010 13:37
Thanks Al, That did it...

The WD_... window definitions were already in my project folder, it was just a matter of selecting the "Standard (no template)" radio button in the Style tab of the Project Description :spos:

Seems to run faster as well... :cool: :confused:

von DarrenF - am 25.11.2010 08:36
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