[WD12] Auto modification of data files...

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 24.11.2010 18:53

Hi guys,

A question regarding installing an updated app into production...

If I've installed my app into production via an Install.exe and further development has meant that I've made some changes to data files (such as removing an index and changing the layout of a data file), how do I proceed with the new Install.exe?

I thought I would put just recompile my system (I'm using the setup wizard), and maybe include the system.wdd file on the new Install.exe, allowing the "Yes" auto modify my data files option?

When I try this, my app installs and asks if I want to update the data files which I say "yes" to, but when I run my app I get an error basically saying that the data file in question is out of sync with my EXE.

Surely I don't need to send my changed data files as part of the Install.exe? ...as this would overwrite my data files in production or have a got the "wrong end of the stick"?

Am I doing something wrong?


Hello Darren

You can do a similar process to your ini file solution. When you send an update, include a copy of the wdd file and test for its presence in the app init. If you find the file, run wdmodifc with the command line options and then delete the wdd file.


von Al - am 25.11.2010 09:12
Hi Al,

Thanks - yes, I was just thinking that myself...

I think my particular problem may be that the Install.exe isn't putting the data files in the correct directory. It wants to put them in the app's EXE directory, even though I specify a different directory for the data files, and when it comes to do the WDmodfic, the files aren't in the correct location :confused:

Once I've sorted that out, it should work, although a bit of WDmodfic processing in the start up code wouldn't go amiss :spos: I might also write a quick utility window to allow me to run WDmodfic whenever I need to - and just feed in the parameters from window fields... :xcool: ...or run in Wizard mode...

Thanks again...

von DarrenF - am 25.11.2010 09:50
Hi You can select a http installer.

Installer places the programm on your webserver.. If the clients start their app then automaticly the app checks if there is a newer version on your website. If so it proposes to get the newer version. All changes to the analyses etc are taken into account . No data is lost.
I use this feature and it is rock sollid. The great thing is, it is out of the box wd15 standart functionality.

von Allard - am 25.11.2010 10:54
Allard - off topic, but could you have a look at my question here, about getting the right IP-address into the setup packages?

von Arie - am 25.11.2010 11:09
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