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WB15 - IS there a way to determine if a control overflows?

Startbeitrag von Joel am 24.11.2010 21:44

Hi -

I need a way to determine if a control, like a Formatted Display control or an Edit control 'overflows'.

The reason - if it does, through code, I would reduce the font size and try again until it doesn't overflow.

I'm trying to make a system where the user's company name, address, et.al., drops into a pre-designed form, but I run into a problem of truncating when the string is too big.

Or does anybody have another idea of how to handle this?


Hello Joel

I wonder if you could use the control's whenever modified event to resize the control by using textwidth to get the width of the currently entered text and comparing it to the size of the control and then extending the control width with ..width You could also count the number of characters against those set in the mask and extend the width once that was reached. You could use the same mechanism to reduce the font.

Just checked and textwidth not available in WB but a character count process could work ok.


von Al - am 24.11.2010 22:14
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