WD Web Services with WD Mobile as client application

Startbeitrag von Mitchell am 01.12.2010 06:33

Dear WD Coders,
I have a web service created by WD12 with Oracle Native access., FA_INVENTORY table holds almost 100,000 records.

on my WD Mobile client apps deployed on PDA, I want to retrieve the web service only selected records based on my query.

Is this correct scenario (below)
on my PDA, I call this web service procedure "read_data" , this procedure was created in WD to get the data based on my querry. lets say I want to read all data contains "todays date" only or the current date data.
after reading the data, how to get the results? this can be done by data type "structure" as an array? I want the RESULT to be filled into my Memory table (TABLE1) in PDA app.

also, once I have this on my memory table at PDA app, how can i send it back to the web service so that the ORACLE INVENTORY TABLE will be updated?(after the transaction like , physical inventory)

can someone advise me please in details with samples if possible.



look here http://doc.windev.com/en-US/?3044201
Never used it, but it looks like kind of a proxy-server between PDA and server-database.
You don't need the webserivce in this case.

You could also serialize the rows of the query/table into a string. And send/receive this string as the parameter/result of your webservice-calls.
I've used this before. I couldn;t find a function for serializing, but you can easily do this yourself.
FOR EACH query
sResult = field1+TAB+field2+TAB+fieldn+CR

And do the reserve on the otherside.

von Arie - am 01.12.2010 09:04
thanks Arie, Where to get this "WDRemoteAccessServer" ? ,on the help its saying "Install the "WDRemoteAccessServer" application on the server", but where is the installation file? if no installation how to achieve this on the server? is this a normal RPC server configuration like a RAS ? Remote Access Server?

von Mitchell - am 01.12.2010 09:27
I think it is this one ...\WinDev 15\Programs\WDRemoteAccessServer.exe
But I never used it myself. Looks interesting though. Maybe you can share your findings?

von Arie - am 01.12.2010 09:35
the reason I didn't found it , its because I am using WD12, when I open in WD14, there you are! I got the RPC in Workshop menu.

its been 2 hours already and still trying to established as per your suggestion.

von Mitchell - am 01.12.2010 15:08
Hi Arie, it works now!....
using WD12 with Oracle Native Access for loading oracle assets E-Business Suite selected tables , and WM14 to access through WIFI... {indirection} helps.
HFunctions I used for adding a row to Oracle EBS and Updating tables:
- HreadSeekfirst
- Hreadfirst
- Hmodify
- HAdd

WM14 can access natively and directly to ORA EBS.

von Mitchell - am 04.12.2010 13:40
Hi Mitchell,
WM14 can access natively and directly to ORA EBS.

I supppose you using the RPC in between?
Or is the WM-device directly talking to Oracle (WM has a native Oracle driver?)

von Arie - am 04.12.2010 14:45
sort of WDRemoteAccessServer, an "oradb" analysis created by WD through oracle native access, a WM access this analysis through wifi with read/write of data.

it works smoothly.

von Mitchell - am 04.12.2010 16:29
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