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How to get rid of the attached title "(Test Version)" in WB15

Startbeitrag von Vennisa am 08.12.2010 14:54


I had a WB project in WB14 so I upgraded it into WB15 project and
all titles in AWP pages were added (Test Version) which I never knew
where it came from as I browsed the description tab and the right title appeared
with no such thing.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance




I see '(Test Version)' as well, but only when I run the test in WebDev. And that is in line with the title that I set using...

..Title = "My Title"

I put this code in the Initialization section of the page (server).

You can view and edit this by clicking PAGE | PAGE CODE on the menu while viewing the page.


von Paul Murray - am 09.12.2010 04:34
P.S. You should not see this when you publish your static page to a web server or publish it to the WebDev Application Server...

von Paul Murray - am 09.12.2010 04:36

Hi Paul

It wasn't there when using WB14 at client's and appeared since upgrading to WB15 and
we didn't notice until our clients informed us on client's machine running WEB
App. Server (We purchased the real WEB server for them) only.

AWPs are dynamic and generate HTMLs when required and I
don't know how to set them back in the static page.

We did recompile AWPs into whatever the page done in sort of what
you might have said "Static Page".

Is it a bug?


von Vennisa - am 09.12.2010 14:40
Sorry Paul

'Forgot to say thank you very much.

Thanks again


von Vennisa - am 09.12.2010 14:41
Venissa, I am pretty new to this, so I wouldn't know if it is a bug. Generally, I find that things seem like a bug until you Recompile the project. Then everything generally works okay.

von Paul Murray - am 09.12.2010 22:26
Gotcha Paul and I didn't know such as we all followed the procedure from webdev
do this and do that so I have to recompile everything and run again.

OK, I trust you and I am newer than you anyway.



von Vennisa - am 09.12.2010 22:57
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