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Making Windev more popular

Startbeitrag von issah am 28.12.2010 14:50

Just from the top of my head, wouldn't it be great if pcsoft made archived versions of windev free for use? WD 16 is coming out next year, maybe make WD 10 or even 11 free (come on, 7.5, 8, 9, surely they can find something to give away 6,7,8 year old software). After all, I doubt if there is any more money to be made from versions. I believe this would generate a lot of interest and momentum for the Wd.

Hey, the distributors and big guns who have the ears of the pcsoft president, Guenter, Fabrice H, Fabrice Chambon et al, what do you think?

If its a success, just give me free WX updates for life.

My 2 euro cents worth



Hi Mohammed,

unfortunately (for me) and fortunately (for PC Soft) really no one has the ears of Mr president. Maybe, their advertising & marketing company has. Maybe.

There are the two 'express' versions (no Webdev), function-wise limited but time-unlimited versions of WinDev & WinDev mobile. This is a way to become aquainted with the product - and to run straight into the limits of these demo versions.

Old versions are simply 'old' and will rather disseminate the idea that Wx products are 'old', that's the danger with such a marketing strategy. Most technically enthusiastic but non-professional people will always prefer the newest versions. Ok, the express versions are not the latest ones too ..

Kind regards and a Happy New Year!

von Jimbo - am 28.12.2010 16:20
Yeah, but if I were to play with the WD10 or even 11 unlimited in anyway, any serious developer would want to move up to the latest. Even if he didn't, WD applications and usage ends up being more pervasive. But then, we have no control.


von issah - am 28.12.2010 17:20
Hi dudes,

I join this conversation, I think the marketing points more to the seduction that development opportunities, I would do a survey among developers to see what their needs are, that is better for a programmer to open possibilities of interconnection with other systems, media libraries, answers to questions, I believe that if my offer me to further my development tools I'll keep buying upgrades, the other way I think we do not live freely enjoy the purchased license but we feel a kind of stalemate , the great wonders would be better if the developers have tools, so we can recommend, would be better to have the IDE next to us that it is always just a step up. Please make a survey to see how we are and disseminate the results.
A hug:hot:

Manfred (Osvaldo)

von Manfred - am 28.12.2010 18:49
Marketing materials in English would be a huge start IMO.

von Steve Erts - am 28.12.2010 20:48

I agree with Guenter about using old versions, that is definitely not the way to go. Too many issues with using old code in modern environments plus PCSoft do not fix bugs in old versions.

To make Windev more popular I think PCSoft need to improve the programmer interface and remove all perceptions that the English market is second class.

The first step I see to achieving the last objective is to release the LST in English as the persistent refusal to supply it in English sends a very clear message to non French programmers. The cost to supply the LST in English is simply not a valid argument. The major investment decision, made years ago, was to create the English version of the software in the first place so whatever the cost of providing the LST in English, it is just part of the same investment process to gain market share and the refusal to fully support English Windev technically is both bizarre & insulting.

I think the tools we have to create high quality programs are quite excellent, but the tools in the IDE to maintain those programs are slipping behind and some of the new features always have a half finished feel about them. E.g. breaks in table are a good idea but where are the subtotals ?

The IDE has no tools to allow it to be customised in terms of defaults and no tools to make generic window feature/control changes or to be able to see what settings are used globally in a project .e.g a list of the masks used in table date columns or date controls, what masks am I using on my currency controls, which of my 800+ windows has the "Store window position" option ticked ? The analysis doesn't have the ability to show fields used in files - I had to write my own. The ability to customise the IDE and globally interrogate an application are basic programmer requirements, yet they are missing.

I think the app creation process is strong enough in features, to allow for the next upgrade or two to concentrate more on the IDE and tools for developers. The programmers that PCSoft are trying to attract in the English market are already using sophisticated developer tools, so WIndev has to win them over with exciting tools that make their working day better.

If we are excited about the interface we use every day then Windev has two very powerful advertising advantages - we can create great progams that execute reliably and the development tool is fantastic - at the moment is it only very good.


von Al - am 28.12.2010 23:28
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