Create a form having a query based on data in another form

Startbeitrag von Perifanos am 30.12.2010 07:50

Hello again,

I would like to create a form (2nd Form), with a table running a query and selecting data from Products table having the ProdIDFK=CustID, where CustID is the current ID (Key) of the current customer browsed in the first form when a user clicks on a button in the first form (the customers form).

What should I do?



1) In the button code you can open the new window, passing the identifier as parameter.

2) Then in the table window you can define a table with a query with paramaters.

3) Then in the Init code of the table you assign the identifier to query parameter.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 30.12.2010 10:06
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