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Questions from a Clarion Developer

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas.pcs.crosspost am 11.07.2008 06:42

I just received WinDev 12( and WebDev12/WinDev 12 Mobile) this week and I am really having a "terrible" time to catch up with the WinDev "paradigm".
Can somebody with Clarion knowledge help me with the following:

1) Is there a a memory table (like Clarion's In-memory table) that I can use in WinDev Analysis ?
2) Why can't I import MSSQL Views in my Analysis?
3) Do I have to use SQLTransaction() and SQLExec() for MSSQL Server transactions or is there another way? In Clarion I can use the same ADD/DELETE/UPDATE/COMMIT/ROLLBACK etc commands with ISAM and SQL Server?
4) Is there a direct BTRIEVE driver for WinDEV (with no ODBC/DDFs)?
5) Where are the 3rd parties? I really need a to embed a FULL Basic like language in my applications (complete with Variables, IF/LOOP/CASE and math calculations). Is something like this already included in WinDev?
6) I need a simple app that shows MASTER/DETAIL in one window. I can't seem to find an example (like Order Processing) in my installation.

I understand that I probably need more time to work with WinDev before I can understand the "new paradigm" but it really is difficult without having some complete examples of "real world" applications.

thanks in advance

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Hi Steven,

I have no experience in Clarion but I can answer one of your questions.

In Windev you have the 'user macro code' concept where your users can embed their own Windev Code into your app without affecting your underlying code. Never used it, but probably worth a vists to the help file??



von Bob Stratton (bosher) - am 11.07.2008 07:49
Hi Steven,

I'm not a former Clarion developper, but I can answer two of your questions:

4) I once used Pervasive SQL v8. one seat license with Windev. This worked allright.
5) No third parties needed. In every window, control etc. you can embed the W-language, which is a powerfull programming language. Just press F2 to enter the code.
6) You can look at some RAD created windows. From the editor select new window, R.A.D. tab and select RAD pattern 11-compatible RAD. There you can find examples of different master-detail windows. Other examples can be found in the wizards, examples and components pane or on the windev website.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 11.07.2008 07:53

ad 1) YES, there are two possibilities: Either Memory Tables which are much like files with keys OR dynamic Arrays of structures, now very easy to handle with inserts, sorts etc. Of course, multiple Memory Tables or multiple arrays can be held in memory at the same time.

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 11.07.2008 08:00
Hi Steven,

to your 1. question.

I am using Clarion, too. But now only for support of existing application.
All new is done with WD

Equivalent to memory table in CL:

1. Use of a standard table control filled by programming, the table can be hidden. all functions concerning a table can be used (Advantage: for test purposes you can show (unhide) the table and have a quick look at your data in the application.

2. Use of arrays, if all columns are of same type

3. Use of arrays of structures, which can also be dynamically filled (you don't need to know how many entries will come) These arrays provide a lot of functions for searching, sorting, .... which are, as I think, much more powerful than what I have seen before.

Hope this helps


von Erik Schwarz - am 11.07.2008 08:29

First of all welcome to this group. I am sure that you will get answers to your questions.

When I switched from Clarion to Windev more than 5 years ago, I spend my first year very frustrated with WD. I wanted WD to be like Clarion and it was only when I decided to put Clarion behind me that I've started to make progress.

I worked through the tutorial and then took one of my apps and converted it to WD.

Have asked many questions and I can tell you today that I'm glad I've made the transition.

I can not see me ever use to Clarion again, even though I get Clarion 7 updates now and then.

Right now back to your questions.
1. Already answered
2. Question was answered in previous postings
3 + 4. Don't know
5. No need for 3rd party tools, PCSOFT covered so many that I am confident that what you want to do is included. I think it would help if you be more specific in your questions. Try the help on IF/Loop and Case statements and you will be surprised on how many options there are.
6. Look at the examples and the tutorial.

My suggestion is also to create a Customer and an Order database in the analysis and then tell the RAD to generate the application and look at the code. This way you will learn a lot from the code generated.

Then once you have done that, ask specific questions and I am sure that this helpful group will come to your aid.


von Marius - am 11.07.2008 08:35
Hi Steven,

You need the MSSQL Native Driver to import views.Unfortunately this is an additional cost.... although native access for MySQL is included.

Glenn Rathke

von Glenn Rathke - am 11.07.2008 14:03

See FileToMemory, FileToMemoryList, FileToMemoryTable and HCreateView.

von Art Bonds - am 11.07.2008 22:34
Steven, can you explain this sentence:

5. I really need a to embed a FULL Basic like language in my applications (complete with Variables, IF/LOOP/CASE and math calculations). Is something like this already included in WinDev?

Are you talking about Embed points? If so, yes.

Are you talking about inserting code at specific spots and having the code executed. See UMC. Also see my post in Comp.Lang.Clarion on Nov 16, 2006 entitled "Fun with EVALUATE", then look at the ExecuteProcess command in WinDev.

von Art Bonds - am 11.07.2008 22:51
Steven Sitas.pcs.crosspost
I just received WinDev 12( and WebDev12/WinDev 12 Mobile) this week and I am really having a "terrible" time to catch up with the WinDev "paradigm".

Don't feel alone... others have commented on trying to get used to WinDev vs. Clarion.

Donald Montaine did a Clarion Windev comparison and made this comment: "It is taking some time for me to get over the 'Why don't they do this like Clarion' syndrome. But, as time goes on, I see more and more that the WinDev way is different, but IMHO in most cases, better. My only wish is that the English market was big enough for PCSoft to be able to invest more into the English version. I am feeling jealous of the French programmers."

His entire blog can be found here: http://clcompare.blogspot.com/

Dennis Baggott also did a developers review of WD. He said "Coming from Clarion with it's rather sparse IDE, WinDev can at first be overwhelming. However, the more you use it the more you like it. At least that is my impression so far. "

Dennis has a blog that goes through his conversion from Clarion to WinDev. His home page is http://www.developerreviewed.com/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx, and the blog can be found under "Home | WinDev 11 - Blog" from that home page.

von Art Bonds - am 12.07.2008 16:01
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