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Art Bonds

HFSQL C/S Cluster

Startbeitrag von Art Bonds am 19.01.2011 17:07

As I noted in Oct 2009...

"If PCSoft's cluster works as advertised (and I have my doubts as Version 1 of anything will always have bugs)... "

HF Cluster came out last June (that would be v1... the buggy one... ;) ). Last I heard on this forum around November is:

"I think you'd better wait on the cluster part. It seems their are some limitations and some features are not working properly - when making changes in your analyse

I was at a meeting where someone did a presentaion on the cluster and he could not show what he wanted to show ( and that's after he had had contact with pc-soft!!)"

Any recent news? Does it work better now? Is it ready for prime time?

Thanks, Art.


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