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WD15 How to have two code windows open at the same time?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 03.02.2011 08:14

In many cases I can't have two code windows open at the same time. In some cases, when the code is opened from the project explorer, there is an option to open the code to a separate window, but this option is not always available.

So usually, the newly opened code just goes to the same code window that already was open. Usually this is not desirable, often it is absolutely frustrating.

I think that some versions ago there was an option in the settings to "re-use" the code window. If it still exists, I obviously have it "on". But I can't find it any more.

Is there a trick to overcome this absolutely ridiculous CP/M-era limitation, which certainly doesn't make the development 10 times faster?

best regards


Hi Ola,

I must say your attitude is not alway inspiring to offer help.
Please read the answer to your previous question here


von Piet van Zanten - am 03.02.2011 08:54
Hi Piet,

Thank you Piet. I had not noticed that Al had already answered my feature wish. My bad; I thought that nobody reads the new features wish forum, least of all PCSoft.
Thank you AL.

About my attitude: I know I have it, and I hereby express my sincere excuse to all Windev users on this forum. I do my best to keep it under the lid most of the times. But somehow Windev just succeeds in making me lose the lid every now and then...

Just one example is this specific feature. I searched and searched for it in the different places to set options. Especially under the editor options, which would have been the most logical place for it. But under Display menu? And visible only when the editor is on? Maybe an editor window was not open, when I looked there. This issue is not about display, but being able to edit code in two windows.

And when I found it, thanks to Al and you, and I click it, Windev actually thinks it is a command for it to kill itself. It happily crashed... Ten times faster:-).

best regards

von Ola - am 03.02.2011 09:34
Hi Ola,

I know what you mean. Recently I was trying to figure out how to display table grid lines in MS Word 2007 and I almost exploded. :mad:
We should be like the grass that bends in the wind instead of breaking, but as we grow older it's getting harder to bend ;)
(For sure it's getting noisier)


von Piet van Zanten - am 03.02.2011 12:15

I share your feelings about Word. The best thing about Word is that there are reasonably priced and even better alternatives for it:-).

best regards

von Ola - am 03.02.2011 13:35
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