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WD Outlook Appointments and Instant Reminders

Startbeitrag von Justin am 05.02.2011 11:04

Hi All

I noticed that this has appeared a few times on the forum and it really is a pain.

To describe the problem:

When you create an appointment with a reminder in Outlook using the standard WinDev functions, the reminder will fire immediately, regardless of when it is set for. PC-Soft politely say this is a "bug/feature" (direct quote!) of Outlook and they can do nothing about it.

I suppose we could all write ActiveX appointment makers or something, but a colleague (Stephen) suggested the following as a possible solution in some cases.

1. Create an appointment in Outlook and Save it as a .ICS file (File/Save). This is a text file and you can use this as a template to create a new appointment .ICS file. Create a copy of this file for your new appointment.

2. Change the Start and End date/times and the Alarm minutes in the .ICS text file programmatically. (You can ignore the Outlook GUID - just leave it as is - as Outlook will generate a new one for you)

3. Save the result.

4. ShellExecute the .ICS file you created. This will open up the new appointment in Outlook and you can Save it or change it further at that stage.

While this is no use if you want to create appointments without any user interaction, it works ok for passing an appointment to Outlook from your application, provided the user accepts that they must save the appointment again in Outlook. There is a case to be made for this as it gives the opportunity to do more with the appointment in Outlook (Invite attendees for example), so the user might even see it as a feature!

Not ideal but....

Hope this saves some time for someone.




I wondered if anyone knew of a more 'elegant' workaround than this, as nearly four years later, the same bug would appear to remain in WD18, with the reminder firing as soon as the Appointment is added. And I've tried all the fore-mentioned fixes, such as doing an AppointmentModify with an AutoReminder=true after being false, etc, etc.....still no joy.

Four years and no fix is quite disgraceful. If, as in earlier posts, it IS a bug in Microsoft Outlook, then PCSoft should stop putting in the User Guide that the Reminder function is something that can be programmed and therefore stop promoting something that is not achievable.


von Alan Evans - am 12.12.2013 12:21
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