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SOAP is amazing!!!

Startbeitrag von bosher am 05.02.2011 17:33

Hi All,

As a user of SOAP in the past (no jokes please...), I was already impressed with
Windev's abilities. The deployment was a little tedious for sure and too some time to understand.

I just tried it in windev15 for the 1st time. I was surprised to see a new option (Webdev deployment mode). I figured I was going to deploy it there anyway. I followed the easy prompts and it deployed incredibly easily!! So much easier than before.

Thank you PC-Soft!!

That is 1 of the 500 I am VERY pleased you implemented!!




Seems that the situation has changed drastically from 14 to 15.
As long time soap consumer I herewith admit that you have to get your hands dirty before you can use more than a simple WSDL script in WX 14.

What about producing ? Say I wanna create a 3 tier app. Am I meanwhile able to return more than a single value result without hassle ? For instance 100 customer records ?



von BLS - am 06.02.2011 04:07
Yo Bjoern

I've done this for ages with SOAP

I have to say that I use slightly differently to how it is intended to be used. I dont bother with the structures at all. I just get my functions to return a nice bit of easy XML.

I wrote a function yesterday (in a minute or two) that returns a list of unpurchased items (Quite a few in this case) and it works great.

So Yep, you could do 3-tier this way.

The biggest advance is the deployment if you are fortunate enough to have your own webdev app server (This saves me SOOO much time! makes SOAP dev & test so easy)



von bosher - am 06.02.2011 17:07

is SOAP the solution for a fast client server architecture over the Internet ?

Today our solution has a client with windev and a connection to a HF SQL Server over the internet.

Pro: Fast and easy to manage
Con: The user has to install a program and open a outside port in his firewall

We also have a website, but this has a lot of disadvantages

Pro: Nothing to install and open in the firewall, fast
Con: The browser is relativ stupid, no ZIP, no database at the Client side, the comfort of the grid-control is bad etc.

The best thing is a combination of that, a client program with windev whitch use standard ports like 443 to access the HF SQL Server . Can SOAP do this fast and with thousands of records ?

von Michael Drechsel - am 07.02.2011 10:56
Hi Michael,

Yes, in theory you could implement a solution using purely SOAP for all of your database comms. It would take you a lot longer to code it though..
I have no idea how well it would perform with thousands of records. Worth a try maybe????


von bosher - am 07.02.2011 12:51
Hi Bosher and Björn,

In version 16 it is now possible to return classes, structures and array of structures. (Embedded structures and classes are also supported. And inheritance too.) Aside that two new features are: possibility to declare local WebService Context, and when deploying it's possible to specify the accessibility of elements (classes, collection of procedures).

Kind regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 07.02.2011 13:43
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